Boot Camp

Challenge yourself to achieve the fitness goal that you've always wanted.


Kick Start boot camp is an eight week program based on Muay Thai and Boxing style  workouts. As part of a group you will challenge yourself to achieve health and fitness goals and learn about living an active healthy lifestyle.

Coached and mentored by professional fighter Zane ‘Hybrid’ Hopman you will learn basic skills from each of the disciplines and be taught about the lifestyle benefits of being active and eating clean.

Zane has many years of experience in the fight game which is governed by weight limits for competition and is proficient in his knowledge to eat and train correctly. The key is to not only lose weight for competition but remain strong and healthy while doing so. This is an invaluable skill for anyone, general public or fighter.

The goal of The Fortitude Gym is to educate and enable the public with the tools to make wise decisions, live healthy and to educate others around them to effect positive change in the health and well-being of our community.

The first camp is all booked out but we will be taking registration for the second camp at the end of March which will begin on April 16th.

Thanks for choosing Fortitude!