Kids Kombat

Coordination | Confidence | Mental & Physical Well-being

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Kids Kombat is the part of our club catering for children from ages 5-12 years. Kids Kombat is designed to introduce your child to the sport of Muay Thai through fun games and drills based on Muay Thai technique. Muay Thai training encourages the development of coordination, confidence and mental and physical well being.

There are proven benefits structured, enjoyable martial arts training has on youth through the repetition of techniques and learning respect for others and themselves. This is why we are committed to seeing our young ones learn and succeed in a compassionate environment.

Kids Kombat has a beginners and advanced class which cater to the experience levels of our young members. All children start by attending the beginners class to attain the basic techniques and find their feet (literally in some cases). Our Kids Kombat mentors will assess the children and their ability to learn the basics and move them through to the advanced class when appropriate.

We are passionate about our youth development within the club and into the wider community. For more info visit the Hybrid Youth Initiative on Facebook.